Cornish Extension Programs Scholarship Form

    Cornish is committed to making our courses available for youth students who demonstrate artistic and academic promise, financial need, and interest in the program by offering modest scholarship assistance. Cornish College reserves the right to change any final scholarship award based on number of qualified applicants and available funding.
    Summer 2020 Classes        Fall 2020 Classes
    Priority Application deadline: March 1
    Recipient notification by: March 31
    Regular application deadline: April 15 (deadline extended!)
    Recipient notification by: April 30
     Application deadline: September 3
    Recipient notification by: September 4
    Student Information
    Mailing Address
    Mailing Address
    Parent or Guardian Information
    Mailing Address (if different from student)
    Mailing Address (if different from student)
    Additional Documentation Upload
    Recommendation Letter: Have a teacher, guidance counselor, or adult write a candid evaluation of the applicant. We welcome information on the student's work ethic, interest in the visual/performing arts, and academic/personal strengths and challenges. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of both merit and need, and we welcome any additional insights that might help us determine whether the student should or should not be considered for a scholarship.

    Statement of Interest: A 250-word statement written by the student expressing the ways in which s/he will contribute to the cultural, intellectual, and artistic diversity of the Cornish Extensions Programs.  Parents are allowed to assist the student with this statement if needed.